The Science of Light Panels

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As natural investigators, children are constantly exploring and experimenting with their understandings of the world around them.  To support these investigations, children will require access to activities and learning opportunities that promote a range of skills such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating.

Light panels are a wonderful resource for engaging children’s curiosity.  Through the use of the light panel, children can explore many scientific concepts, test a variety of hypothesis and celebrate new discoveries.

Light panels can be accessorised with resources such as transparent coloured paddles, cellophane, rainbow blocks or cut crystals.  Through these activities, children will be exploring the physics of light and its elements of colour, shadow, refraction and prisms.

Having a light panel available to support the analysis of found objects or new discoveries will support children’s scientific inquiries of the natural world.  Light panels will invite children to fully explore all elements of an item, allowing them to hypothesise and research answers.

Combined with other elements of investigation such as magnifying glasses, tape measures and weight scales, children are able to fully analyse found objects from the natural world.

Light panels are wonderful table top experiences.  Large panels will encourage group participation and will support social learning as children work cooperatively to experiment, investigate and share discoveries.  Set up in a dark nook, smaller panels are perfect for individual explorations as children experiment with the science of light.  Whether it is a planned scientific experience or set aside as a research tool for spontaneous scientific investigations, the Light Panel is an essential piece for any learning environment.










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