It’s Not Just Climbing


While it is commonly known that Climbing Equipment challenges children’s gross motor abilities, it is sometimes forgotten just how diverse the learning can be.  From planning and creating obstacle courses, practicing their social negotiations and exploring valuable learning dispositions, children are often doing a lot more than just climbing.

To really engage children’s creative thinking and sense of ownership, why not invite their participation in the planning and creation of obstacle courses.  Involving children in the planning process ensures that the course will be suitably challenging as they connect a variety of A-frames, platforms, walk boards, trestles, bridges, tyres and tunnels.

Once the equipment is set up, the learning that occurs through this exploration is endless.  Here, children are challenging how their bodies move as they explore their large muscle abilities and strengths, balance, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and begin taking risks.  These explorations support children’s developing resilience as they build their capacity to cope with the stresses of new challenges.

With the involvement of groups of children, the learning shifts to include space negotiation, turn taking, game planning, peer support, instruction implementation and decision making.  With the encouragement of peers and educators, children attain a sense of accomplishment as they practice the dispositions of patience and perseverance, leading to success.

Physical play with climbing equipment is a vital component in providing children with a developing sense of wellbeing.  As they learn how to move and challenge their bodies, share their space with peers and achieve a sense of success, children are collecting a myriad of skills that they will carry with them through life.


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